40 Cal’s a Girl’s Best Friend

Shot my H&K USP .40 for the first time today.

Holy hell. BEST birthday present ever. I love this gun.

Why? The sturdy weight, the smooth recoil, the accuracy, the heavy trigger pull, easy safety/decocker, and it never malfunctions.

And yeah–as you can see in the pic–I totally grin like an ass while I’m shooting it.

I’m so proud of it’s performance, I might just sleep curled around it tonight with my lips pressed to the barrel.

Hmm. The heroine in my apocalyptic novel carries a 9mm Glock. I’m tempted to switch it to the USP .40, now that I know she’d prefer it. Problem is .40 cal is a rarer round. She’s got enough to worry about fighting zombie bugs. I probably shouldn’t give her the added hell of chasing down uncommon ammo. Besides, she prefers her carbine.

Now, because my .40 cal is not a concealable weapon, I’m still on the hunt for the perfect CCW. Therefore, I tried out my father-in-law’s S&W Bodyguard 380.

Thought I’d be annoyed with the long trigger pull (it’s a double-action), but it fired brilliantly. To be honest, I was shocked by its accuracy at 21 feet. I mean, it’s so light and tiny, a breeze can unsteady it.

I want one, but because of its popularity, merchants like Bass Pro can’t keep it in stock.

I said to my father-in-law, “I’m stealing that gun when you’re not looking.”

He arched his brows and laughed. “I keep it in my butt crack.”

Then he turned around and raised his shirttail. There it was, the butt barely protruding from his waistband.

Huh. So, I had to try it, and I admit: it makes a damn fine butt crack gun. Works for me, since I don’t carry a purse.

Here’s a view of our backwoods targets.

2 in the chest, 1 in the head.

I’m shooting a S&W 5906 (still like my USP better).




And finally, matching H&K USP. His .45, Hers .40. (Uh yeah, we have matching watches, too. What a couple of homos.)

My fellow bloggers, what do you shoot? Do you have your CCW license? If so, what do you carry?