6 Indulgences to 24 Hour Perfection

If you were gifted with 24 hours, guilt-free and suspended in time, what would be the 6 indulgences dominating your day?

Two restrictions:

  1. You spend it alone (Sorry, kids. Self-pleasure only)
  2. You can’t touch your to-do list

Here’s my 6 ingredient cocktail to 24 hour perfection:

1. 75 degrees of open air capping 360 degrees of undeveloped horizon

2. The Avett Brothers on a continual loop (because it’s impossible to listen to their lyrics and not explode with all things life and love)

3 & 4. My two favorite addictions

5. A Kindle full of inspiration

6. A head–stuffed with stories–connected to ten tireless limning fingers

Your turn. What 6 pleasures embody your perfect space in time?

Go ahead, don’t be shy. I won’t make a mockery of you out here (I’ll reserve that for behind your back).