6 Indulgences to 24 Hour Perfection

If you were gifted with 24 hours, guilt-free and suspended in time, what would be the 6 indulgences dominating your day?

Two restrictions:

  1. You spend it alone (Sorry, kids. Self-pleasure only)
  2. You can’t touch your to-do list

Here’s my 6 ingredient cocktail to 24 hour perfection:

1. 75 degrees of open air capping 360 degrees of undeveloped horizon

2. The Avett Brothers on a continual loop (because it’s impossible to listen to their lyrics and not explode with all things life and love)

3 & 4. My two favorite addictions

5. A Kindle full of inspiration

6. A head–stuffed with stories–connected to ten tireless limning fingers

Your turn. What 6 pleasures embody your perfect space in time?

Go ahead, don’t be shy. I won’t make a mockery of you out here (I’ll reserve that for behind your back).

4 Replies to “6 Indulgences to 24 Hour Perfection”

  • Damn! We only get six? I know I shouldn’t be so ungrateful, but I’ll have a hard time choosing only six. But, since I’ll be alone, that narrows down my list considerably.

    Not surprisingly, since I’m a writer too, my list is very similar.

    1. Temperature and view would be the same, but I’d like it to be from a mountain top. Love the view from mountains, but then, this would make getting to number two difficult.

    2. A seaplane with a full tank of gas and not quite glassy water, as it’s harder to land on, but very little wind or the water would get choppy. Okay, I’m being picky. Ah, but the freedom to do numerous takeoffs and landings, buzz the shore, watch wildlife, and can stop for a swim … Big sigh.

    3. Yeah, lots of coffee. Always fresh and hot, but I’ll need a bathroom with this much coffee. Does it take up one of my indulgences?

    4. I wouldn’t limit myself to one music group, but a mixture of the popular music from the sixties, seventies, and eighties. There was such great music from that era which always inspires me.

    5. Definately my laptop for in the serene environment described above, ideas, scenes, and characters would be bugging to get written.

    6. Any one of the numerous good books I’d love to read.

    Okay, I’m going to cheat here and name another.

    7. The ability to not waste all 24 hours on just one or more of these, but try to take enjoy all six.

  • 1. A sandy beach on a deserted island with the waves lapping at my feet.

    2. An ice chest full of Diet Coke, water, and carbolicious snacks.

    3. My Kindle.

    4. A pen and notebook.

    5. Cash for the bar that’s down the beach.

    6. Bug repellant since I always have them crawling all over me.

  • 1. Missouri Lake with tree lined shore and NO Boats or Copperheads or Mosquitos. ( I really do miss home this much)
    2. Wave runner
    3. Brownies with Choc Chip cookie dough clumps, (a la mode, of course)
    4. Newcastle Brown
    5. Hammock Swing
    6. Some Paper and Pen to do the Neil Young: “One of these days, I’m gonna sit down and write a long letter, to all the good friends I’ve known…”
    (I think I could trade the Hammock Swing for a nice hair-brushing, but I was working in the total isolation framework.)

  • 1. Blue sky anywhere – (Have you seen the UK weather recently!)
    2. My MP3 player loaded with songs
    3. Somewhere to run with no traffic
    4. My laptop for when I return exhausted
    5. To swim in a pool
    5. To lie in the sun

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