Authors After Dark

As my reading tastes have expanded from Sci-Fi Thrillers to Romance/Erotica, so has my writing. Those who have read the evolving drafts of my first novel might agree. Dead of Eve is still a Sci-Fi / Paranormal Thriller, but the final version certainly acquired a romantic texture.

I’m enjoying the genre so much that I began writing a dark romance, separate from the Trilogy of Eve.

That said, I registered for the 2013 Authors After Dark reader convention, where I’ll interact with authors who’ve influenced and inspired me. Unfortunately, this means I won’t be attending Thrillerfest, as I’ve done the past two years.

“Seriously, Pam? Romance over Thrillers? You?” my Thrillerfest friends ask.

“I like my romance splattered with blood. Does that count?”

They shake their heads. “Crime thrillers are better, sprinkled with sex.”

“Perhaps.” I smile sweetly as I chamber a round in my USP.

Just kidding.

It’s already chambered.

So, I’m counting down the days (357 to go) until the reader con. I’ll spend that time convincing my girlfriend/fellow-avid-reader that we’ll be flying to Savannah, GA rather than driving (she’s never flown and is stubbornly determined to keep it that way). I know this one guy–he’s a commercial airline pilot–maybe he could convince her. Maybe he could fly us there himself.