Beneath the Burn is Live

Beneath the Burn just went live! The eBook is available for $3.99 USD on: Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, Kobo.

The paperback will available in the next week or so.

Beneath the Burn 2240 For Amazon Kobo Apple and Smashwords

They meet by chance. The timing is wrong.

Three years later, she finds him again, but their separation was poisoned with narcotics and bloodied by enslavement.

Her freedom gambled away, Charlee Grosky escapes the international businessman who held her captive. But his power reaches beyond her protective barriers and threatens everyone she has come to love.

Jay Mayard wears his tortured secrets under his rock god facade. Drugs are his release, even as he seeks to be the man forged of the steel only she can see.

In a celebrity world filled with paparazzi, groupies, and drugs, Jay and Charlee must face their worst fears. When the battle is over, what will be left…Beneath The Burn.

Genre: Romantic/Erotic Thriller

Content warning: Age 18+ only

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