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 DUBIOUS (Bitter Vine Series, Book 1)

temporaryDark Dystopian Romance
Coming Oct 2017

He’s a virgin billionaire with a dark past. She’s a high-priced toy for the sadistic. They’re supposed to be enemies, but fate has other ideas…

Human defect. Dead girl walking. Whore. I consider myself all three.

Since my parents were murdered six years ago, I’ve been on my own. A girl’s gotta do what’s necessary to survive, especially in a world unhinged by the Great Purge. My clients pay top dollar to unleash their sadism, and though I use the money to fashion an elite appearance, I’m a congenital nightmare underneath the sham.

Human imperfection is unacceptable to the New World Order. When a person reaches their 21st birthday, the council exterminates those deemed unworthy to live. I’m weeks away from that day, and I’m certain they’ll discover my secret.

What I don’t count on is Samuel Vine. He’s reclusive, tormented, and a virgin billionaire to boot. Falling for him is fatal for one undeniable reason: he’s a legacy member of the council. The enemy. The last person I should trust. Self-preservation screams at me to run. But Sam hasn’t exposed me yet. In fact, he seems hell-bent on saving me.

DEVASTATE (Deliver Series, Book 4)

Dark Romance
Tate Vades’ story
Coming Dec 2017