My first year as a full-time writer

A year ago this month, I quit my dependable, corporate career to pursue an unpredictable, scary-as-hell venture in full-time writing.

So what have I done for the past twelve months? Two published novels, a partially-written WIP, two anthologies, and four boxed sets.

Do I wish I’d done more? Yup. But I made an agreement with my family: Write 8-5 and my evenings/weekends belonged to them. It’s a killer balance, one I hadn’t had in years, but it requires some effort. There’s a lot of “Mom! You promised!” and me, spitting and clinging to the keyboard, “I…can’t…shut it down!” I’ve never been good at balancing life’s demands.

Do I regret the job change? FUCK NO.

What do I have planned for the next twelve months? I’m currently finishing Blood of Eve (the sequel to Dead of Eve) and outlined my next two novels (a new stand-alone and book 3 in the Deliver series).

And as I sit here at my keyboard, doing what I love, I owe this privilege to YOU, my readers. Thank you for your acceptance, your endorsements, and your incredible encouragement. You are the reason I look forward to pressing that publish button.


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