Amber’s Reading Room: ~500 LIKES giveaway~

Amber’s Reading Room reached 500 likes on Facebook. To celebrate, she’s giving away the following signed copies (Yes, I said SIGNED PAPERBACKS):


Follow this link to enter to contest: Amber’s Reading Room: ~500 LIKES giveaway~. (It ends April 22)

  • The Vampire Queen’s Servant by Joey Hill
    • My 5 star review: Passionate, raw, often painful to read. Hill takes D/s to a supernatural level that knows no bounds. The world she creates is haunting and addicting, rife with floggers, whips, paddles and fangs. It hurts so good, stabbing way down in the deep dark squishy part of the soul.
  • The Prince by Tiffany Reisz
    • My 5 star review: This third novel in the Original Sinners series had a more serious tone than its predecessors. The plot bounced between past Kingsley-Soren, present Kingsley-Soren, and present Nora-Wesley. I was anxious about the developments between Nora and Wesley and desperate to learn who the thief was, so every time the story line moved away from Nora-Wesley and the present threat against Soren, I grew frustrated. Flashbacks are boring, no matter the content, because we already know how they end. They lack the tension that comes with surprise. This novel dwells a lot on Kingsley-Soren flashbacks and none of it is eye-opening or crucial to the series plot. Most of this book felt like a filler for the next. But if the dynamics between these two men intrigue you, you’ll enjoy reading about the birth of their unconventional relationship. (Soren: “It’s a hellhole. I’ve seen it.” Kingsley stared down at the tiny cottage. “Hell is fine. Surely God wants nothing to do with us, anyway.”) TR intelligently reminds us of Soren’s faith, at the same time helping us sympathize with his kink. If I didn’t already adore Soren, my heart would be gushing for him now. I like to tell myself that TR loves Soren as much as I do, and this fondness will compel her to end this series with a Soren-Nora HEA. But the ending of this novel…ugh!!! Cliff-hanger-city, baby, and it’s very distressing. Well done, TR.
  • Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas
    • My 5 star review: I would’ve paid 10x what I paid for this ebook. This grabs hold of you from the first paragraph and never lets go. A smart girl, with a normal life, is drugged, kidnapped, and kept as a sex slave by a man who never utters a single word. During her initial captivity, she adapts through the simple gesture of food. Calling this a total mind-fuck is an understatement. Gasping for air under a tide of emotions, the victim knowingly succumbs to Stockholm syndrome. Hell, so did I.
  • Fighting for Flight by J.B. Salsbury
    • My 5 star review: A heavy atmospheric tale of the MMA world, one that implicates the reader in the act of coveting the drool-worthy, gallant fighter, Jonah Slade. He’s the perfect hero for the rough-and-pure heroine, Raven. What’s the biggest surprise about this book? It’s JS’s first book. No shit. She writes as though she’s been a bestseller a hundred times over. Her language is so thoroughly evocative, you’ll perceive every stimulus with every gland, nerve, and organ…especially the heart. Sweet mother, this story has heart. I enthusiastically recommend this book for its explosion of character depth, its brilliantly executed plot, and–do I even need to mention?–its steamy sex-with-an-MMA-fighter.
  • Dead of Eve by Pam Godwin

And as a BONUS for each winner, she will be including a signed card or magnet picture of The Dark Duet series by C.J. Roberts.

  • My 5 star review of Book 1: This isn’t a love story, but maybe it becomes one if Roberts finishes the second book. A young girl is abducted to be sold into the black-market as a sex slave. Her captor must discipline and train her to perfection so that she will be chosen in auction by the target of his boyhood revenge. The training is gruesome and Roberts powerfully projects the girl’s physical and emotional pain, making it impossible not to be dragged down into a very dark and dangerous world with her. There are times when I want to sympathize with her captor, but his detachment and cruelty keeps my protectiveness at the surface. I anxiously await the sequel.
  • My 5 star review of Book 2: Ahhhh! The wait is over, and it was so very worth it. This is Book 2 of the Dark Duet and I cannot properly express my fulfillment in conclusion of this horrifying story of human trafficking. But I’ll try. In the first book, Roberts shoves us stomach first into the cruel world of slavery, living the nightmare through the eyes and skin of the young and terrified captive, Livvie. It halts on a cliffhanger, a merciless torment of waiting. Often this pent up anticipation ends in disappointment, but this book exceeded all expectations. As the captor, Caleb, continues his emotional brutality, I wanted to curl up and die right along with Livvie. I was so angry, so distraught, it was as if the writer had punched her fist in my chest and yanked the ugliest, most hateful bits of my soul. Through most of the story, I wanted to break things, I wanted to throw my Kindle, yet my white-knuckled grip wouldn’t let go. Then the twist, perfectly timed and ingeniously plotted, exposed Caleb in a gut-wrenching standpoint. One reviewer proclaimed this the best of its genre. I wholeheartedly agree. There are few books that could touch the anguish and passion found in this one. Bravo, CJ Roberts.

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