DEAD OF EVE is published!

DEAD OF EVE is now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, and Kobo (eBook: $2.99, Paperback: $15.99).

To help me get the word out, Barbara Elsborg (author of Strangers and 20+ other published novels AND one of my favorite all time writers) graciously pimped my debut novel on her blog: Barbara Elsborg: I’m buying this TODAY!!!!.

Won’t you take a moment to click over to her site and say Hi? Oh, and perhaps spread the word about my book to every living and undead person you know? If you’re thinking about blowing me off, you might reconsider because…Guns don’t kill people. Starving authors do.

Thank you so much for your support! Whoomp-click

13 Replies to “DEAD OF EVE is published!”

  • I will happily pimp your book for you! I’ll do a blog post tomorrow dedicated to you and your book if that’s okay. By the way, I love the new blog design!

  • Yeah! Okay, so that I don’t get any surprising visitors carrying carbines, I’ll spread the word. I’d shout it out of my hotel window, but I’m in Mexico City. I doubt they’d understand me.

  • Scream this out the window, Dana: Comprar. Muertos de la víspera. Perras. Not exactly sure about the translation but it should be something along the lines of buy, dead, and bitches.

  • LOL. Got it, Pam. If you never hear from me again, either your translation was wrong, or they didn’t like what I said. Now, if I can ever figure out what kind of account I have so I can leave a comment on Barbara’s site, I will.

  • Well I’m five chapters in and really enjoying it. Great tension! I think the US is much better equipped to cope with this sort of issue than the UK! We don’t have many places to hide and hardly any weapons. I might have to move.

  • @Barb: Yay! Yeah, we luv our guns. I often wonder if the knowledge that so many US civilizations have turned their homes into personal armories deters foreign nations from attacking US soil. We’re crazy. We’re armed. Stay far far away!
    @Tradermare: Thank you mucho! Can’t wait to hear your reaction.

  • Pam, I’m so excited to learn that you’re writing. And publishing! Your site and your cover are awesome. You’ve got a great voice. I’ll be picking up my copy of your novel as soon as I finish commenting. Can’t wait to read it!

  • going against some of the opinions of my fellow ZA readers, I read this and LOVED it. they felt put off my the descriptors of “vile” sex. I agree it wasn’t the kind we like to read about for the most part, but it was realistic, visceral, and totally fit the story. I had a hard time putting this down to work. Thanks for such a great idea, and its wonderful to pay money for a well edited book! great job! whens the next one due out?

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