I Heart Zombie Chicks

We, the nerdery, buff and shine numbers to answer the ultimate question. What is that question? It doesn’t matter. The answer is what’s important. In our cabal of hungry minds, the answer isn’t 42. No, it’s much more primal than that.

We swish our mathematical units in drooling mouths. We pinch our hard earned pennies with tight butt cheeks. We may sell low, but we buy lower. And after my fellow nerds and I regress and digress, swallow and digest, we belch, “Kona.”

Kona delivers the Perfect Pairings. Is this the perfect pairing of sushi rolls for $8? Or is it the perfect pairings bouncing on the waitresses passing by? Maybe it’s both.

Now, dining with the nerdery requires commitment. Konavores have rules.

Rule #1: Always order the Perfect Pairings.

Rule #2: ALWAYS order the Perfect Pairings.

Rule #3: When your cabal of nerds ask, “Where do you want to eat?” The answer is always Kona.

Rule #4: When a nerd raises his head from the haze of deflating numbers to announce “Let’s eat,” you stop what you’re doing and go to Kona.

Today, I broke Rule 4. I knew there would be repercussions for my audacity. But I had good reason. In preparation for being out of the office for a week, stress had me by the balls. My bitchiness was peaking new levels. The perfect pairings were not on my menu.

But, I forgot about the free floating ammo. Maybe my obsession with zombies is a little…well, obsessive. Maybe I’ve mentioned the hawt waiter a few too many times. Maybe I’ve whined about never getting seated in the hawt waiter’s section or that I’m old enough to be his mother.

All the same, the consequential photo arrived in my inbox post-lunch. The nerdery dined in the hawt waiter’s section. The proof is in the picture (his shirt is debatable).

If you’re looking for a brilliant photoshopper, my buddy Dave is NOT your guy. Though I admit, this is one of his better attempts.

And Dave? You know what this means. The next post is all ’bout you, brother.

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